Hannah Electrical is your go to for a wide range of problems.

Hannah Electrical has been an electrical contractor for most of it's existance. However times are moving fast and new markets are surfacing every day. Our response has been to expand our range of services and fill a gap in Te Aroha to provide the same availability of service you would get in any major city when it comes to technology. You don't have to go far anymore to get support on the latest technology, we're right in town!

What we do

Electrical Contracting No job is too small or too big for us, from industrial to commercial, from house to dairy factory. We are confident you will not be disappointed in our sharp, fast and professional workmanship. We go out of our way to provide the customer with an on budget solution.

Freeview and Satelite TV We provide, install and service freeview and satelite tv equipment so you can keep watching your favourite shows! Having rainfade, no signal or cut outs in your picture/sound? Maybe you want to be able to record just like MySky. Please call us now for a free quote.

Computer service Have you got a computer that's slow? Or do you simply want a check up to make sure you have no viruses. Maybe you want to change your broadban plan or have a problem you can't work out yourself. No matter what the problem, our qualified IT technician can resolve it for you.

Home Theatre If you appreciate Sound and visual you will most likely want a home theatre system. These can be quite tricky to set up and there's large differences in quality/price. We can help you choose the best system to suite your requirements, install it for you and train you how to use it. We also service houses where a build in entertainment system is provided (Smart homes).

Security Protecting your assets will always be an importand consideration. Thieves have been around for thousands of years and will not be leaving in a hurry. Fortunately technology has come a long way and with our camera and alarm systems we are positive you will feel secure at home or away from home. Enquire if you are interested in security products, we do free quotes.